Internet Marketing

Generating Results.

Windfarm helps clients investigate the lay of the land. Who is your target audience and what kind of site would appeal to them? What are your competitors doing? What are your goals? The answers lead us down the right path from the very start.

Launching a website many times is the first, not last, step in a strategic marketing plan. Other online marketing services we can consult include:

  • Search Engine Marketing - Let the search engines go to work for you. Our sites are uniquely designed to drive traffic your way. And with your new and improved site, more traffic is a good thing.
  • Social Media Optimization - The different forms of media are constantly changing, and we can help keep you on the leading edge. Engage your customers in ways you may have never thought possible.
  • Additional Marketing - Reaching out to potential customers is an ongoing effort, and we can help determine which streams are right for you. Some of these methods include media displays, email marketing and guerrilla tactics.

Experience We Know Stuff!

  • Combined 14 years experience in internet industry
  • Zend PHP5 Certified Engineer
  • In past lives, worked for Fortune 500 companies on email marketing, social media, digital analytics and web production campaigns.

Testimonials What Clients Say

Windfarm was always considerate with my suggestions, and went above and beyond in creating a functioning, beautiful website. The website is a reflection of my personality – the outside world can see that I am a professional that cares.

Allison Bell
Embrace Today Concepts, Phoenix, AZ