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Content Management Systems: A Smart Investment

Posted On: 07.30.2010   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Design,Web Development

In 2010, every small business should have simple and immediate access to update their website as needed. Many technologies exist to make this possible, and we at Windfarm always try to convey the benefit of this feature to businesses that we serve. Every business owner for which Windfarm has developed a content management system has been incredibly satisfied and grateful for the control and accessibility they now experience to market their services through their website.

An additional upfront expense and proper planning will allow a business the freedom to update and use their website as a more effective tool (not to mention saving money on manual website updates over time). At Windfarm, we use our own custom built content management system, Turbine CMS, for many client sites, but are able using prepackaged platforms such as WordPress, Drupal or the like if needed.

The new and updated information that a website will need depends on the nature of the business. Many small businesses are still at the stage of working toward a quality and effective online presence, so imagining what they will regularly need to update may not be so clear yet. Here are some ideas that we have seen be effective:

  • New Work or Products. Any business that works on a project or product sale basis can easily be able to showcase their latest and greatest work or latest products for sale. Featuring new products for sale is an obvious essential update, whereas a service business can display latest project work to impress or prevent becoming dated.
  • New Staff Additions or Changes. Featuring talented staff can be a sales tool or important to your firm in other ways, and adding new staff can be easy and simple. Even if a staff section has a beautiful custom design, a good content management system can duplicate this design across changes and additions to keep a consistent and well-designed look to a site.
  • Lead Capture. Relevant incentives and “freebies” in exchange for contact information can be a good way to acquire leads. With a CMS, these exchanges can easily be updated which gives the opportunity to experiment with the most effective lead capture methods.
  • Knowledge Base. Standing as a thought leader in your industry can be an important part of a service business. A website can be a perfect medium to publish blogs, whitepapers, research reports and other materials to establish a firm’s expertise.
  • Specials & Promotions. Seasonal and temporary sales and promotions can be a great way to increase revenue and close sales. Stay relevant and current with promoting and changing copy and offers to immediately reflect the latest offers.
  • Latest News. Keep all relevant parties up to date on latest company information and press releases.

The list of ideas that would be beneficial to keep updated can expand much further, and be customizable to any business’s marketing plan. Some search engine experts teach that updating your website can help positively with search engine rankings, so keeping a fresh and updated site can help with other internet marketing efforts as well.

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