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Windfarm Website Launch: Powers Fitness Group

Posted On: 08.04.2011   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Windfarm News

Windfarm recently had the privilege of both launching a new website while being inspired to get away from the computer and be more active. Read More…

Windfarm Goes Global…And Update Your Browser!

Posted On: 03.19.2010   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Development,Windfarm News

Greetings from down under – Windfarm has gone international! Well, for a few weeks, that is. Read More…

Windfarm Website Design Featured on CSS Mania

Posted On: 02.11.2010   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Design,Windfarm News

After waking up and noticing an unprecendented amount of website traffic a couple months back, I wondered what had possibly tipped global interest to our website overnight. Read More…

Happy Holidays from Windfarm Studios!

Posted On: 12.16.2009   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Windfarm News

Its that time of the year again, where we are sure you are thinking of giving, joy, snowfall and websites. Okay, maybe not the last one, but we definitely are! Read More…

Serve Your Community: Help Portrait NWA

Posted On: 11.16.2009   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Windfarm News

One of our values at Windfarm is to strive to continually be serving the community – in whatever shape that may take. We are grateful that our own lives are better because of others’ efforts, and we also want to ultimately do our part to help make the world a better place. Read More…

Welcome to Windfarm Studios!

Posted On: 10.03.2009   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Windfarm News

Welcome to the official first launch of Windfarm Studios website. Its an exciting day for us because, well honestly, its finally done! Although this site is small in scale compared to the work we do for our clients, it definitely had its own challenges to complete. If there’s one lesson we’ve learned in this process, its that the cliches are true. Yes, it is true that for some reason to be discovered, its 10 times as hard to launch your own site and come up with your own branding and story than it is for your clients. It is also true that ventures cost three times as much and take three times as long as you visualize when setting out. The last saying also holds true for our business in general.

Read More…