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Content Management Systems: A Smart Investment

Posted On: 07.30.2010   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Design,Web Development

In 2010, every small business should have simple and immediate access to update their website as needed. Many technologies exist to make this possible, and we at Windfarm always try to convey the benefit of this feature to businesses that we serve. Read More…

Launching Your Website On Time: A Checklist

Posted On: 06.22.2010   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Design,Web Development

A typical question during an initial consultation always seems to come up: “Everything sounds good, but how fast can you get this new site up? We need it up yesterday.” Read More…

Three Free or Cheap Wonderful Web Analytics Tools

Posted On: 05.13.2010   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Internet Marketing,Web Development

Want to know what visitors are doing on your website? Want to diagnose why visitors may not be responding or taking the action you have hoped? Read More…

Windfarm Goes Global…And Update Your Browser!

Posted On: 03.19.2010   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Development,Windfarm News

Greetings from down under – Windfarm has gone international! Well, for a few weeks, that is. Read More…

Product Review: Using FoxyCart for eCommerce Development

Posted On: 11.18.2009   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Development,eCommerce

eCommerce – a project that can be fun, challenging and daunting all at the same time. There are numerous avenues to sell products online and each solution delivers different levels of user experience quality, management ability and, of course, cost to a client’s pocketbook. Choosing an eCommerce platform has always been a frustrating experience – most are too bloated for what I need and a headache to customize. Read More…

Easy Tips to Decrease Page Weight and Create Quick Animated Gifs

Posted On: 10.09.2009   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Development,jQuery

First of all, I know. Why would anyone want to make an animated gif…let alone the “hard” way?! Well, Windfarm has a logo that lends itself to being animated. Whenever I see the logo and I keep looking at it waiting for the blades to start turning.

Today I implemented jQuery Lazy Load on our Work page. It’s a sweet lil’ plugin that lets you delay the loading of images. We have over 30 screenshot images on that page, which make’s page load pretty heavy (2458kb roughly). From our fast internet connections at work (20mb/s) it loads nice and fast for us, but we sometimes like to cater to those unfortunate people on DSL connections (for those on dialup – I didn’t even know you still existed). So Lazy Load to the rescue! Read More…