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Managing Your Company’s Online Presence: Part 1 of 2

Posted On: 10.10.2009   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Internet Marketing,Social Media

A few months ago, I was listening to a presentation from the April BlogWell conference, a conference on how big brands use social media. The presenter was Adam Brown from Coca-Cola who presented how Coca-Cola engages their consumers online through social media. Brown made a well-stated interesting point that the company’s home page is no longer just coke.com – in today’s online world it is also google.com, twitter.com, youtube.com, facebook.com, technorati.com… Read More…

Easy Tips to Decrease Page Weight and Create Quick Animated Gifs

Posted On: 10.09.2009   |   Posted By: Joel Taylor   |   Posted In: Web Development,jQuery

First of all, I know. Why would anyone want to make an animated gif…let alone the “hard” way?! Well, Windfarm has a logo that lends itself to being animated. Whenever I see the logo and I keep looking at it waiting for the blades to start turning.

Today I implemented jQuery Lazy Load on our Work page. It’s a sweet lil’ plugin that lets you delay the loading of images. We have over 30 screenshot images on that page, which make’s page load pretty heavy (2458kb roughly). From our fast internet connections at work (20mb/s) it loads nice and fast for us, but we sometimes like to cater to those unfortunate people on DSL connections (for those on dialup – I didn’t even know you still existed). So Lazy Load to the rescue! Read More…

Welcome to Windfarm Studios!

Posted On: 10.03.2009   |   Posted By: Melissa Taylor   |   Posted In: Windfarm News

Welcome to the official first launch of Windfarm Studios website. Its an exciting day for us because, well honestly, its finally done! Although this site is small in scale compared to the work we do for our clients, it definitely had its own challenges to complete. If there’s one lesson we’ve learned in this process, its that the cliches are true. Yes, it is true that for some reason to be discovered, its 10 times as hard to launch your own site and come up with your own branding and story than it is for your clients. It is also true that ventures cost three times as much and take three times as long as you visualize when setting out. The last saying also holds true for our business in general.

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